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ZIPP is a proudly South African made product, and its non-caustic, which means its more friendly towards the environment. Zipp came about because I hate cleaning my braai grid; it is such a hassle. I used to just burn it clean, until I learned how sick you can get from a dirty braai grid. We then designed the ultra large Zipp bags (Zipp Grill Kit) that can fit any braai grid, add the Zipp easy degreaser, add some water and rinse by the next day – how easy is that? No more dirty grids, no more hassles and you can basically put anything greasy into those bags. 

So, from there we developed the spray bottles for in-house use; like on tiles, bathroom floors, kitchen counters – well basically anything greasy (my wife also use it on grease stained laundry) and then we did the foam can, this is a waterless cleaning solution. Mainly for the oven, but it works on any greasy surface. 

So easy to use – spray, wait a bit and wipe….done!

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